Many different types of people play the Array Mbira.

Like the piano or guitar the Array Mbira is used by both amateur and professional musicians and is played in a wide variety of musical styles. Amateurs find that the Array Mbira is less threatening and easy to learn while professionals are able to achieve performances not possible with other instruments; the Array Mbira constitutes an advantage to anyone who enjoys making music.

imogenImogen Heap

Immi has used her Array mbira on multiple albums and in many live performances. She used it on a song that she produced for Taylor Swift on her Grammy winning “Album of the Year”  “1989”. The song is titled “Clean”  See Taylor mention the use of the Array Mbira in this interview.


While we  have yet to see or hear Sting use his Array Mbira, he was excited to take ownership of it. Last we heard it was going to his studio in New York, so keep your eyes and ears out!

JohanSoderqvist-300Johan Söderqvist

In 2005 & 2009, Johan Söderqvist was nominated as Best Composer by the European Film Academy for his Brothers (2005) and “Let the right one in” (2009) scores.Visit Website Johan used his 5 octave Array mbira extensively in the Academy Award winning film, “In a Better World.”

cooder-ry-largeRy Cooder

An American musician, songwriter, film score composer, and record producer. He is a multi-instrumentalist but is best known for his slide guitar work and his interest in roots music from the United States. View Wiki.

David Porter

Los Angeles based composer for television and film. Porter has used the Array Mbira often included in shows such as Breaking Bad. See him give a nice kudos to the Mbira in this YouTube clip, forward to 1:20 for mention.

Jason Poss

Los Angeles based composer for television and film, known for films such as Lord of the Rings, Frozen & Pirates of the Caribbean. See a list of his titles at IMDB.

Tom Green

Another Fine Day is a solo project from composer Tom Green, contributor to five albums by The Orb and performer at the Big Chill.

Mark Stone

Associate Professor of World Music & Percussion | Oakland University. Composer, Founding Partner | Jumbie Records. Bandleader | Mark Stone Trio & Southpaw Isle Steelband

Joachim Cooder

“Over That Road I’m Bound” On the album, Cooder uses the plain-spoken songs of country-music progenitor and banjo player Uncle Dave Macon as a jumping off point, playing with the lyrics and reworking melodies for his chosen instrument: The Array Mbira.

Izabella Effenberg

Izabella plays some very rare instruments such as the glass harp, array mbira, steeldrum, sundrum, waterphone and more..but she is always finding new instruments to add to her list and extend the interesting effects of her music. She presents the very rare instrument Array Mbira on her latest CD “Crystal silence – Music for Array Mbira“