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The semi hollow body model combines the best features of our acoustic body instruments with the best qualities of our now discontinued solid body models. It is smaller than our traditional acoustic body but slightly larger than the old solid body because of the increase in the hollow space inside. The semi hollow body hybrids are much louder than the traditional solid body instruments when unplugged but nearly identical in sound when plugged in. They sit at an angle to maximize the playability without adjusting it on a stand.

Our Array Mbiras are available in a variety of domestic and imported hardwoods. We don’t use wood that is endangered and make every effort to use wood from well managed forests and from sustainable agricultural practices.

OUT OF STOCK OR NO PRODUCTS FOUND? If you see an instrument you like but it is out of stock please contact us, we can recreate these instruments in approximately 6-12 months, we require a 50% down payment. See our GALLERY OF INSTRUMENTS for body styles, wood options and more!